Day 97: September 7: Grant Lake CG (Yellowstone) to Madison CG

It took us a while to get started in the morning. The temperatures had gotten down into the 20's overnight, and it was very tempting to stay in the sleeping bag. When I got up, my fingers hurt despite my fleece gloves.

I was able to fix Pete's cyclocomputer cable by splicing a new piece into it. I even managed to solder it using a nail as a soldering iron. Then I tightened his wheel bearings (removing an extra ball that had been left carelessly in one), and adjusted his brakes. It was eleven before we left.

Going up the road, we saw some wildlife. I got to see my first bison, back in the trees. I found out that to find wildlife in Yellowstone, you just look for the tourist cars at the side of the road.

My first bison
Further up the road, we got to the geothermal area where geysers and hot pools abounded. We were just in time to see Old Faithful go off
Old Faithful
Then just down the path, we got to see Castle geyser erupt as well.
Castle Geyser
After lunch and geyser watching, we went up the road a bit further. We passed through areas where meadows had many clouds of steam rising from little geysers and hot springs.

A field of geysers

Me at the geyser field
Finally, we pulled into Madison Campground around dark, and made dinner.