Day 96: September 6: Colter Bay CG (Grand Teton) to Grant Lake CG (Yellowstone)

The ride up to Yellowstone was pretty easy, with littleclimbing. I watched as the Tetons got further away.
Me with the Tetons in the background
At a hotel where I'd stopped to do email, I ran into two Australian bike tourists who'd stopped at the local hot springs. They were riding north up from Boulder CO to Vancouver, so they were headed along the same route as me. Their budget was a bit tighter, and Barry was riding a classic mid-70's touring bike that had been given to him. But they were enjoying themselves and looking forward to seeing Yellowstone.
Barry and Pete
We rode the 45 miles or so up to Grant Lake Campground so that we'd be closer to the interesting parts of Yellowstone. Along the way, we saw the aftermath of the huge Yellowstone fires of a few years ago: most of the trees we saw were dead, falling over one by one. It was strange to see the forest so bare.