Day 95: September 5: Jenny Lake CG to Colter Bay CG (Grand Teton NP)

The day was, finally, clear. I had intended to go hiking but decided instead that it was time to hit the road again. Perhaps this was because I realized that I'd spent nearly a week at Jenny Lake, or perhaps it was because I started worrying about the weather.

Whichever the reason, I had lost some muscle sitting around for a week. So I decided to go only as far as Colter Bay campground, about 20 miles away. It was an easy day of riding, and I finally got to a phone line in a hotel that I could use for updating the website.

At Colter Bay, I splurged and did all my laundry (I had nothing clean), and got a shower. Feeling considerably improved, I went down to the campsite.

There I met a couple of young Japanese bike tourists. Akira and Mitsue were riding down from Jasper in Canada, through "as many national parks as possible", then down to LA and perhaps into Mexico. Akira had already done a lot of touring in several countries, including an Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego trip that lasted about a year and a half. When I showed him the picture I'd made of the group back in Jenny Lake, he recognized Yoshi. He'd met Yoshi in New Zealand, and had run into him in Santiago Chile (twice), as well as in Australia. They decided to go down to Jenny Lake and say hi to Yoshi.

Akira and Mitsue