Day 89-93: August 30-September 3: in Jenny Lake (Grand Teton NP)

There are worse places to kill a few days than in the Grand Tetons. Jenny Lake's hiker-biker site proved to be a great place to meet other bicyclists, and I spent some time conversing with:
  • Robert, from Holland. He was headed north, the same way I was. He tended to ride long days, though.
  • Chris, from Austria. Also headed north, he had bought a bicycle on arriving in the US. He'd had his tent stolen in Peru when he was there hiking.
  • Ron, from Boulder. A climber and bicyclist, he is headed north mostly along the Divide Ride. He met Bernice at a library in Boulder, where they were both emailing.
  • Bernice, from Holland. A geotechnical engineer, she's traveled quite a bit before embarking on a 3 year tour around the world. Her travels have taken her to New Zealand (for 8 months), Fiji (for 3 months), and now here. Future travels include South America, this winter. She's traveling with Ron.
  • Yoshi, from Japan. He's an interior decorator from Tokyo who's traveled 24000 miles on his current bike, in New Zealand, Australia, South America, Canada, and the US. His boss (he works in a 4-person firm) keeps his job open so he can earn money between trips. His current trip is a long route from Anchorage AK to Mexico. He's traveling alone, and headed down to LA right now.
  • Daniel and Amy, from Christchurch, New Zealand. They flew here and bought a Santana tandem when they got to the Pacific Northwest. They have little touring experience, and no tandem experience, so they're still learning both. They're following the Adventure Cycling Trans-America route, and heading south. Their future plans include moving to Europe and working for a while.

Daniel and Amy, tandem Kiwis

Front row: me, Yoshi, Ron, and Bernice; back row: Daniel and Amy
The first morning I woke up, I was treated to an early morning view of Grand Teton and Teewinot Mountains lit by the morning sun.
Mt. Teewinot in the morning
I took a day hike of about 8 miles, along String and Jenny lakes, and up to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. I was going to hike further, but it started to rain hard, and I hadn't brought any rain gear.

Hidden Falls

The view from Inspiration Point