Day 78: August 19: Greeley to Cache Poudre river

After getting everything packed (which was a chore because all my stuff had been spread out for the last week), I took some pictures of Bill and Sue, said goodbye, and got started riding about 11:00.
Bill and Sue
The ride from Greeley to Fort Collins was through flat agricultural areas. I did see an interesting potato field: somehow all the potatoes were in bags on the ground. I assumed that this was an optimization: why bother with plants if you could make the potatoes grow in bags?

As I rode, I saw the mountains growing bigger and more distinct. Eventually, I headed west north of Fort Collins on route 14, through Poudre Canyon. The Cache Poudre River valley is used heavily for recreational activities by the people of the Front Range. There is rafting, kayaking, climbing, camping and fishing here. Luckily, I was able to find a quet campsite (this being Thursday night) overlooking the river.

Dinner was Noodles 'n' Sauce with chicken from a can. Good but not too balanced. Someday I'll have to consider eating some vegetables for dinner.

Potatoes grown in bags.