Day 65: August 6: Copper Mountain to Kremmling

I went back over the bike path to Silverthorne, stopping in Frisco at the library to check on the mushrooms I'd picked and dried. I found out from a new book that there appears to be a variety of these mushrooms that gives some people severe gastric disturbances (though they're mostly edible). Not wanting to make myself sick, I threw away the dried mushrooms.

On the way, I took some another picture of my mystery rodents. (Later, I was told that these were marmots).

A suspected marmot
From Silverthorne, I took state route 9 north to Kremmling. This road is busy with trucks, local traffic, and recreational vehicles. A few miles up the road, I met a couple of European bike tourists headed the other way. I'd forgotten that route 9 was along the Adventure Cycling Trans-America Trail, but after talking with them, I was looking forward to meeting other tourists on route 9.

The tourists had told me about an alternate secondary route that paralleled route 9 on the other side of the Green Mountain Reservoir. I took the road, and had an enjoyable and quiet 11 mile ride along the reservoir. I met some kids who rode along with me for a mile or two. They were fascinated by the my bike and my trip.

I rolled into Kremmling pretty late, with no idea where I'd be sleeping. I asked in a fishing store where I could camp, and was directed to a place 15 miles away. As I was becoming resigned to riding another hour and a half, I saw another pair of bike tourists. These were Pam Fulgham and her husband (I think), from Leesburg Virginia. Stopping to talk with them, I found out that the Adventure Cycling maps said that cycle tourists could camp behind the fire house in Kremmling. I accompanied them to the fire house.
Pam and her husband
There were already three other bike tourists camped at the fire house. These were Jelmer de Jong and Sybrigje Westerhof from Zeewolde, The Netherlands, and their friend Joe Ducharme, from Concord, New Hampshire. They'd met Joe on the road and were riding together.

We sat around the picnic table, trying to remember songs to sing (I'd pulled out my guitar). We weren't too successful at remembering songs, but had a lot of fun.

Apparently, Friday night in Kremmling is associated with getting drunk and rowdy. We were repeatedly awakened by drunks making noise in their cars or going to the public restrooms at the fire house. There was also a nearby restaurant that had a live but bad band playing. All in all, it was hard to get a full night of sleep there.

Jelmer, Joe, and Sybrigje