Day 63: August 4: Silverthorne to Copper Mountain

The plan for today was to go over to meet my brother Bob at Copper Mountain, where he was attending a conference. I took off late in the day to get there, since it was only about 15 miles away. The bike path there was the same one that I'd traveled coming down from Vail Pass, so I was familiar with it.
Bob trying out my bike
On the way up the trail, I noticed that there were a large number of large mushrooms growing near the aspens at higher altitudes. I identified these as some kind of boletes (many of which are edible), so I collected a couple of pounds of them in a plastic bag.

Copper Mountain during this time of year is pretty dead. It seemed to only have some conference activity, and few tourists.

An Aspen Bolete
Bob was busy with the conference, but we did get together for dinner later on. I stayed in his hotel room, and dried the mushrooms on top of a bath towel under the bathroom heater.

It was good to see Bob, since I hadn't seen him since Christmas time last year. He's working on his PhD in Civil Engineering and running a lab at University of Florida in Gainesville. The conference was dealing with making building codes for concrete adhesive bolt anchors, not something that I get too concerned about, but it was interesting to talk with his group over drinks.