Day 58: July 30: In Silverthorne

As I was outside working on my bike, I looked up and saw Lisa, who I'd met in Yosemite. It was a surprise to both of us. It turned out that she and Katrina had followed a route similar to mine, going through the same Utah parks. Their Honda Civic was heavily overloaded and almost dragging its muffler on the ground. They were headed over to North Carolina, and then Lisa was going to get a plane back to San Fransisco. They had to hit the road, but we did get to talk for a while and take a picture.

I had been drying my tent outside on the patio. When it was almost dry, Eric's 9 month old Labrador/Chow puppy decided to take a bite out of my tent window. Eric offered to pay for the repair. I called up the manufacturer and had them send some material and glue ahead to Crested Butte so I could do a real repair. In the meantime, I patched the hole with clear packing tape.

I went out to get a haircut, and made the mistake of getting my beard trimmed -- very short! Ah well, it'll all grow out again. Of course, with my hair and beard short, you can see the spot on top that's starting to get shinier, and see that my beard is mostly grey. Lucky that I'm not vain...

Eric had his friend Eric over, and they both had guitars. They'd also both bought the same effects pedals, and wanted to play. So we moved the furniture around in the lobby/living room of the hostel, set up three amplifiers, and got into a jam session. We played a number of songs, with me playing along on harmonica. I also played my guitar a little. It was a lot of fun getting a chance to play. I still haven't proved that carrying my guitar along is worthwhile, but I had a good time.

We sent out for pizza about 9:30. I was hoping that I'd have some left for breakfast.