Day 56: July 28: Gypsum CG to Vail

I was somehow able to get out of camp around 8:00 and still have a cup of coffee. I did, however, stop at a restaurant along the highway for a small breakfast. Today's riding is along the Eagle River and along Interstate 70 (some of the time on I-70, some on CO 6 which parallels it). I rode through the towns of Eagle, Edwards, and Avon. I stopped in Edwards for a quick lunch, and talked with a local resident. He said that the Eagle River valley has had rapid growth in the last 7 years.

Vail is a new town, about 25 years old, that was made exclusively for recreation. Motor vehicles aren't allowed in Vail Village itself, which is a nice change. Unfortunately, it started to rain as I entered Vail Village, so I went to the local public library to read my email and hang out. After a few hours there, I was pretty dry and had looked at enough maps to get myself confused.

It was getting late in the day, so I bought dinner and took off for the campground, which is six miles past town. By the time I got to the campground, it was pretty dark. It looked like the campground was full, but I found what I thought might be an empty site. I was a bit concerned because I didn't find a site number, but set up my tent on a cliff overlooking the river, which was rushing noisily about 50 feet below.