Day 52-54: July 24-26: In Carbondale

Saturday and Sunday I enjoyed the Fair. Somehow, despite the fact that I didn't have to pack up and get on the road, it still was difficult to get out of camp before 10:00.

Saturday morning there was a group of (mostly) women doing Balkan songs with and without accompaniment. Other groups included a local countryish band, and a Latin band. I got up to dance for quite a while, even through a rain shower. The evening's entertainment ended with a group called Venice, who were described as being the youngest siblings of the Lennon Sisters from the Lawrence Welk Show. They were four guys with a couple of backup musicians who did tight vocal harmonies on various pop songs. For instance, they did a good rendition of the Fleetwood Mac pop ballad Landslide. But eventually, the saccharine music got to me. Also getting to me was my dinner. Forgetting about my previous night's gastric distress, I'd ordered jalapeno pasta with pesto sauce for dinner. This was actually noticeably hot, and, together with the couple of beers I'd had, started to assault my stomach again. I decided to get back to camp, but not until I'd found a bottle of Pepto-Bismol to help me sleep.

I asked a woman outside the Fair for directions, and whether there was a convenience store on the way. As I pedaled away, she yelled "everything's convenient in this town!". If my stomach hadn't been killing me at that point, I might have taken her remark as an offer and stayed to flirt. Actually, I'd had a number of women flirting with me during the day. I'm not used to this, and am not particularly good at flirting myself. Something to work on, I guess (I wonder what the best way to practice is?).

The Pepto-Bismol helped. I slept well. The next morning, I could barely walk because of my sore calf muscles. Perhaps I shouldn't have danced so much, I thought.

Sunday was much like Saturday -- except that I couldn't dance too much because of my sore muscles. There was still the afternoon rain shower, which happened during the "make-up" performance of The Floodplain Gang. Everyone was dancing, though, and very few people stopped because of the rain.

By the last band, lots of people were up and dancing.

I stopped and talked to a couple of Carbondale Police officers. They were dressed in nice tie-dye shirts, which I consider a vast improvement over the military look.