Day 4. Sunday, June 6. In Turlock. 10 miles.

I've decided to spend another night here, as my knees are still swollen and tender. I'm using the day to catch up with the Internet, phone calls, and bills. And I'm icing my knees.

I ran around shopping, looking for missing supplies like toothpaste and moist towlettes. When I left the supermarket, I found "Raz", the local recumbenteer I'd heard about, outside looking at my bike.

Picture (from a photo) of Raz's bike decorated for Xmas
Picture of Raz on his bike
Another picture of Raz on his bike

Raz's bike is quite remarkable. I'd place its weight at maybe 80 pounds. It is an 8 foot long short-wheelbase (though that doesn't sound right here). It looks like it could have been a tandem, but where the stoker's seat would be is a storage area. It has a car battery on it, a stereo system, brake lights as well as a taillight, a center stand that can support his weight as well as the bike weight, etc. He told me that he'd been in San Fransisco yesterday, and was able to get it up hills. We tried out each other's bikes, and I didn't crash. His ideas about recumbent design -- especially handlebars -- are a bit odd. He even has a lever for engaging the (second) kickstand.

Again, I neglected to get a picture. This is one I'd love to share with you, and I'm kicking myself for not getting one.
[I got some the next day]

When replacing my tube and rim strip, I discovered that my rear rim is cracked around the spoke holes. I shouldn't continue riding this way, as the rim could split entirely and fail. This is going to require another night in Turlock, probably, unless I can get a wheel built early Monday. I've only got about 2500 or so miles on the rim, with only about 600 miles of loaded touring, and haven't seen the cracks before. I wonder if the rim heating caused more stress on the rim.

So Monday morning I will go to the bike shop and beg for a wheel rebuild. Or I will try to do one myself (though I've never done one before).

I feel guilty eating when I'm not riding -- it's easy to get into the habit of looking for the highest-calorie entries on the menu, and that's inappropriate when not exercising.