Day 33: July 5: St. George to Zion Canyon

I had a few things to get done before I left the town of St. George. At around 40000 people, it's by far the biggest town I'm going to find until I hit Colorado, so I decided to change my rear tire and to try to find replacement light bulbs for my headlamps. My rear tire is starting to separate near the bead. I think that this is because of all the load and because of the high road temperatures I've been riding over.

The bike shops were open (they were closed on Sunday, along with everything else in town), and I went into both of them. Neither had the Continental tire I was using in the rear. But I found an Avocet Cross tire of 1.9" width that takes 80 psi. It is a little noisy, meaning that its rolling resistance is likely to be somewhat high, but it should work both on and off pavement pretty well. Unfortunately, I found no light bulbs; I'll have to call Performance or Nashbar and have them shipped to me.

The ride from St. George to Zion was uneventful, as I remember (I'm writing this part three weeks later). When I got to Zion, I found that the campsites in the park were full, so I got a site just outside the park at an RV park. The RV park had a great invention: a couple of their pay phones had data jacks on them. This made it easy for me to get my email, etc. In fact, the phones attracted an interesting mix of people. I met one man, nicely dressed in shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and a tropical hat, who did financial stuff from his laptop, and had decided that he could do it anywhere from his RV. So he would come to the pay phone for an hour or two per day, set up his little table and chair, and do his work.