Day 28-29: June 30-July 1: In Las Vegas

I used the time in Las Vegas to go shopping and fix things.

Chris at Topeak, the manufacturer of my pump, agreed to let Al at Bike World (a local bike shop) exchange the hose from my pump, which has started to crack because of sun exposure. Chris wanted a postcard from the road. I also bought new brake pads (just in case, for the mountains) and a new front tire (I hadn't replaced the front tire before I left, and it was starting to show some cracking, so I replaced it with a new 2 inch wide 100 psi tire).

Cathy gave me a book on writing non-fiction narratives, which I'll be reading. Who knows, you might see some improvement in my trip reports!

I went out to join a group from the local cycling club for a ride around the loop road in Red Rock Canyon, but had to quit because my knee was bothering me (I'd ridden previously without my knee braces). Looks like I haven't gotten to the point where I can throw away the braces yet!