Day 27: Pahrump NV to Las Vegas

I had breakfast with the Ockfens, and took off up the road for what would be another 65 mile day into Las Vegas. I was learning about water, and almost filled my water bag this time. I rode down route 160, finding about 20 miles of road construction that allowed me to ride along an unused road. I even discovered a pool of cool water along the road, in which I soaked my shirt for a few minutes of relief from the 100 degree plus heat.

I had been warned by several people about the climb over the Spring Mountains, whose summit (at 5500 feet) is only 2800 feet higher than Pahrump. But before I knew it, I was at the top. I stopped at the saloon there for a water refill, and talked with a woman named Star, who had just become a grandmother in her late '30's.

I got to coast for several miles down the hill. I turned off route 160 to go along route 159, through Red Rock Canyon. These dramatic hills and eroded rocks are in sharp contrast to the flat desert lands surrounding this area. I climbed a bit until I got to the Red Rock Overlook, which gave a great view of Red Rock.

From Red Rock, it was downhill all the way to Las Vegas. I planned to stay with Cathy Scott, who I had met via the Internet. Just before Cathy's house, I saw her in her car, and she led me to her neighborhood.

Cathy is a local independent journalist who has also published a couple of true crime books about the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. She has also invoked the wrath of the local police department through her reporting on police wrongdoing. We had a nice talk and went out to dinner. She has led an interesting life, and has a number of good stories about local politics and police activities. I learned quite a bit about Las Vegas history and current events.

I was glad that she was willing to put me up at her place for a couple of days, both because I enjoyed her company and because I needed a day or so to rest my knees and catch up with the website and email.