Day 22: June 24: Tinemaha Campground to Lone Pine

Woke to find my clothes dry and relatively clean (I had rinsed them in the stream the night before). Howard came over to talk again as I packed. We talked about hiking gear, tents, and books to read. He mentioned a book by Colin Fletcher about hiking the Grand Canyon.

I rode down route 395 (of course), passing through the town of Independence (which has a big celebration planned on July 4 for some reason). Shortly south of there is the site of the Manzanar concentration camp, where in the early days of World War II more than 10000 Japanese Americans (most American citizens) were made to live. There is nothing at all here, and the summertime temperatures approach 100 degrees. I tried to imagine being forced to move here from, say, San Fransisco. I found the area very moving. There is a plaque near one of the guard shacks that describes this shameful event in history. For some reason, there is also a sign nearby saying something about the "Blue Star Memorial Highway" that is supposed to honor Americans who died in the wars. I wondered whether the sign was placed by veterans groups opposed to the strong wording on the California state plaque.

I finally made it to Lone Pine, where I called Ben Jones. I got some information from him about Death Valley, and he told me that he and Denise would be in Stovepipe Wells (in Death Valley) on Saturday, which is when I'll get there if I stop in Panamint Springs Friday night. So I'll get to meet them.

I stayed at a pleasant little motel in town, doing my laundry in the sink again (I'm getting good at this). My (new) kickstand broke again, so I bought some epoxy, sanded the paint off the frame, and epoxied it to the frame, using a little turnbuckle to take up some of the force. I'll see how this lasts. I also picked up some cotton tube socks to put around my water bottles so I can cool them using evaporative cooling (by wetting the socks). The spare pair may also find its way to my feet, as I'm getting quite a sandal tan.