Day 21: June 23, Bishop to Tinemaha Campground

This is another of the long days without much in the way of towns. I can't say that it's too bad (for instance, it isn't over 95 degrees most of the time), but it is sort of lonely.

In Big Pine (I think; I'm writing this a week later) I met a woman named Angie who suggested that I call her mother and stepfather in Lone Pine (near Death Valley) when I get there. They are Ben and Denise Jones, who organize a 130 mile ultra-marathon running race that starts in Death Valley and ends at the base of Mt. Whitney.

There is nothing here but small shrubs (no trees) until you get up to the west into the foothills of the Sierras. I decided to camp off Fish Springs Road, at Tinemaha Campground. This is up a few mile long road into the foothills. It's a nice campground, with some trees and a running stream. Almost everyone here is here to fish. Periodically I will see someone throw a fly into the stream. I understand that they actually pull trout out of here.

I met several of the campers. There is a group of heavy equipment operators who come here together to camp and fish; there's a man named Howard who likes to talk and suggested to me that I "buy pictures of places, take pictures of faces" along my trip. This seems like a good idea, as I look through seemingly identical mountain pictures that I've taken. I'll have to keep this in mind.

I got some more fuel from one of my neighbors here and went to bed early.