Day 20: June 22: Hot springs near Mammoth Lakes to Bishop

Though I hated to leave the springs, I took one more soak, made breakfast (experimenting with Instant Breakfast instead of oatmeal), and went on down the road.

I stopped at Tom's Place for a good lunch and some Gatorade, then continued. The road down to Bishop drops about 3000 feet. Quite a bit of this drop is in an 8 mile long, 6% grade that was just perfect for me. It wasn't steep enough (and there was a little headwind too) that I had to use my brakes. So I coasted the entire 8 miles at between 30 and 35 miles per hour. It was like being on a motorcycle. The shoulders along route 395 are wide, and some aren't even too bumpy. It was an excellent ride down to Bishop.

Unfortunately, I went through a place where they were re-paving, and picked up lots of asphalt on my tires. Since the temperatures were about 95 degrees in the shade, it was quite sticky, and kept sticking to stuff I rolled over. I was afraid that it would pick up glass bits, too.

I stopped at the only bike shop in town, and had them clean my chain and gears while I sat outside for over an hour, scraping asphalt off my tires with a screwdriver. At least I had a Gatorade while I was working.

I found an excellent motel, the Sierra Gateway, which has rooms at $28 that are spacious and clean. It also has a pool and telephones.