Day 143: October 22: Whidbey Island to Camano Island

Bruce let me sleep when he got up at 5:00 to go to work. Somewhat later, I woke up and met his father Bob. We had a nice chat and breakfast, then he drove me back to my bike.

I took the ferry back to the mainland, and gave Steve Roberts a call from the ferry terminal at the other side. He had gotten back from Europe, so I headed up toward Camano Island in heavy fog. Of course, I missed the first turn, and so ended up taking an 8-lane freeway past Boeing, then a busy 6 lane highway with lots of side traffic through Everett. My route took me through the Tulalip Indian Reservation, where I had a Wendy's hamburger and was mistaken for Steve by a passer-by. I had thought that the ride would be about 30 miles, but it turned out to be closer to 55 miles. Finally I was on Camano and found my way to Steve and Lisa's house.

Camano Island is another quaint, quiet island with a mix of relatively densely populated areas, farms, and houses on large parcels of land. Steve and Lisa live on a 6 acre lot, in a small but beautiful custom house that was featured in an architectural magazine before they moved in. They have built a large shop for their current project, the Microships. They're going to take off in the summer of next year on a long trip in home-built high-tech catamarans which will be full of computer and telecommunications gear. Steve's boat has retractable landing gear that will allow the boat to be hauled out and wheeled up a road easily. (See their website at for more details and writing about the project).

I offered to help with some of the software for the boat: a set of programs that will control some of the switching gear onboard and do data collection for environmental, power management, and other purposes.