Day 140: October 19: Pender Island to San Juan Island

I was feeling pressed by the weather, so I decided to get back on the road. I had to use my alarm to wake up, as there is only a single ferry back to the U.S. from Sidney, and I needed to get back there early enough to catch it. From Pender Island I took the ferry back to Sidney, then rode to the other ferry terminal there and caught the boat back to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. I'd originally intended to go to Anacortes, but found out that I couldn't get back on the international boat if I got off. So I decided to spend another night at the Wayfarer's Rest hostel in Friday harbor, and then catch an early boat to Anacortes. From there I would go south down Fidalgo Island, then down Whidbey Island, from the end of which I could get the ferry to the mainland. I chose this route rather than going to the mainland directly because Steve and Lisa Roberts, who I wanted to visit, wouldn't be home yet from Europe, and I wanted to see Whidbey Island.