Day 134: October 13: In Victoria BC

I'm enjoying the advantages of visiting a large city. Victoria has about 300,000 people, and a serious downtown area (unlike, say, St. Petersburg FL). I've been out to eat at the Vietnamese restaurant, and I had dinner at the Thai place.

Today's weather has been very nice: dry, sunny, and cool. I bought a pair of lightweight hiking boots after my legs slipped out from under me while wearing my bike shoes. With these on, I walked around town, taking in the Royal BC Museum (which had a nice exhibit of Native art and artifacts, but omitted any discussion of the mistreatment of the Natives at the hands of the Hudson Bay Company and Canadian government beyond mentioning that Canada had outlawed the practice of Native religion and ceremonies in 1888).

Victoria is very clean and tidy. Every morning, the street sweeping machines make sure that the streets are shiny clean, and all the trash on the sidewalks is picked up by the city. Even the bums here (I was panhandled for the first time in over 4 months) are clean and tidy.