Day 133: October 12: San Juan Island to Victoria BC

I'd planned to take the ferry over to Canada, which cost a mere $5.75 for me and the bike. It left at 9:45, so I had plenty of time to get breakfast and stop by the post office and get my mail. Of course, I managed to forget a couple of things that I had to run back and get, so I didn't have any time waiting for the ferry. I'd left extra gear and food at the hostel, and my trailer bag actually shut without having to force it! Perhaps I can find a way to do without that extra stuff...

It was drizzling rain when I got over to Sidney, so I changed into full rain gear when I got through Customs. I had a 20 mile ride down to downtown Victoria, which I started on a busy 4-lane highway (route 17). Luckily, I found a much quieter road (Cordova Bay) that took me down near downtown. I stopped at a brewpub and had dinner and a couple of pints. The exchange rate is $0.68 per Canadian dollar, so the $20 I spent on dinner and drinks came to less than $14 US. Not too bad!

I also stopped by an outdoor store and bought a fleece sweatshirt. I'll be mailing the cotton shirts back sometime soon (forgot to do this when I was at the Post Office).

Victoria is a city of about 300,000 people; by far the biggest city I've been in during the last four months. But it seems pretty compact, with most everything within about 20 minutes by bike. It was strange to be riding in a city, in city traffic, and to deal with one-way streets.

The hostel is right downtown, and is pretty big (110 beds). It's also fairly cheap ($16 CDN) and well run.