Day 132: October 11: On Orcas Island

I made myself breakfast and had a long soak in the hot tub. While I was there, I met a local couple who were also soaking. Liam is a freelance journalist who has also started on online local news magazine. I showed them my bike and computer; they thought that the computer was just what he had been looking for.

I'm still having some knee problems (changing everything was not, perhaps, a great idea). So I decided to take it easy today and not do too much more than ride 20 miles back to the ferry terminal. I was going to go by a bike shop, but couldn't find one that was open on Mondays during off season.

I called ahead to the hostel in Friday Harbor (San Juan Island) so I'd be sure to have a room. I stopped by the brewpub by the Friday Harbor ferry dock and had an all-you-can-eat barbecue rib special for $7, washed down with a couple of good porters.