Day 130: October 9: In San Juan Island

I decided to spend another day on the island (by not taking the 6:15 AM ferry). San Juan Island is not large; there are probably only about 40 miles of road at most on the island. But it wasn't raining, so I enjoyed a few hours of riding. I had left my gear and trailer at the hostel, so my bike was light and responsive. With my new shoes and pedals, I found that I could go up hills faster than I'd been used to doing. Unfortunately, I managed to hurt my left knee, which started to cause considerable pain. I rode back to the hostel and iced it immediately. I didn't want to disable myself for a week because of over-exuberance. After the ice, I went back out and did a hour or two ride around the island, going over to Roche Harbor and back when it started to rain.

I spent the night at the hostel again, setting my alarm for 5:00 so I could catch the morning ferry over to Orcas Island.