Day 127: October 6: Mt. Vernon to Anacortes

This would be another short day, so I got on the road about noon after packing everything up and having a big breakfast. The weather was pretty good, and the road was busy with trucks and autos.

Anacortes is a pleasant little town (about 10000 people?), with a real downtown and a nice city park. I stopped at Anacortes Cyclery, which is owned by Justin, who I'd met in Winthrop. I ended up buying new pedals — Speedplay Frogs — which had more "float" or rotation. I figured that this might help my knees. I also bought new shoes, with a harder sole, and shipped the old pedals and shoes back to Bill and Sue.

The beer at the local brewpub was pretty good (have to try the brewpubs!).

I went out to the city park after dinner, in the dark. They even had showers there, and lots of room for RV's. The park is right next to the ferry terminal, so I kept hearing the horns of the ferries, but slept fine.