Day 125: October 4: Concrete to Mt. Vernon

The weather report is calling for rain tomorrow. Figuring that I should do something about my tent leakage (now that I'm in the rainy part of WA), I called the tent manufacturer, Mountain Hardwear.

They agreed to replace the tent, and we found a nearby dealer in Mt. Vernon (off my route about 5 miles). But since the dealer didn't have one in stock, they had to ship one overnight to the dealer. So I won't be able to ride much until noon or so, or whenever the overnight service delivers the tent.

Mt. Vernon is only about 30 miles from Concrete, so there was no hurry to leave. I finally got out around lunch time.

The route avoided highway 20 for about 20 miles, going along the south side of the Skagit River. I enjoyed the changing fall colors and the quiet of the road.

S. Skagit Highway

View of the mountains
I stopped to tighten something that was rattling, and made an important discovery: blackberries! The woods here are filled with two different blackberry bushes — wild and domesticated. Both are good and in season. I proceeded to stuff myself with several quarts of berries.
I had gotten a visitor's guide that said that there was camping in a city park, so I had dinner (at a sports bar!) and then rode over to the park. Unfortunately, there was no camping there, so I rode back out to the north side of town and stayed at an RV park. The woman there seemed upset when I told her that I had no address. She said that the law required them to record addresses, so I asked about nomads. She didn't understand.