Day 124: September 3: Colonial Crk CG (N. Cascades) to Concrete

Today would be an easier day, as it was mostly downhill. I made breakfast at the campground and got out pretty early, after enjoying the quiet of the Douglas firs and ferns.

The route ran along the Skagit River, taking alternates to route 20 when possible.

Great view
I was impressed by the change from the eastern side of Washington: the forests here are carpeted with undergrowth, and there's no sagebrush to be found. There's also quite a bit of humidity, which makes it more difficult to stay warm when it's cold. The trees are different too; I'm surrounded by Douglas firs and hardwoods as well as other evergreens. Ferns blanket the ground, though they're dying off for the winter. The hardwoods are beginning to change color for the season.

I decided to make today a short day (only about 45 miles) because my legs were still tired from the pass, and because I'd have to ride in the dark to get to the next place I could camp. So I stayed in the town of Concrete, about 60 miles east of the Puget Sound, camping at a motel/cafe/RV park. I was able to do some laundry and take a shower before dark, and to get a phone connection for email.