Day 122: October 1: Omak to Winthrop

Well, it's been four months on the road, and I've been about 3600 miles.

I had breakfast in town (on the side of the river away from the Indian Reservation), and found people to be friendly enough. I picked up my mail at the post office, and was pleased to find out that Lexar was able to recover the data that was on my damaged Compact Flash memory card. So I have my essay "Get a Job" to inflict upon the wheres-ned and touring mailing lists.

Today I had another pass to go over: about 14 miles of climbing Loup Loup Pass. It was not too bad overall, just time consuming.

Winthrop was about 22 miles past the pass, and I got to ride on another quiet alternative to route 20. At one point, I heard a funny noise, which turned out to be a broken spoke. So I spent a few minutes changing that.

Winthrop is a tourist town that is having a Mountain Bike Festival. I had a shower, did laundry, pitched my tent, and went down to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner. There was a 45 minute wait, during which I talked with a woman who was there to compete in the mountain bike races.

The dinner was excellent, and I slept well (if a bit chilly).