Day 121: September 30: Republic to Omak

Woke early at the hostel, and left without getting a chance to talk with Lisa the owner. I went back through town (being careful this time not to break anything on my bike), and rode the next 14 miles or so up over Wauconda Pass.

I had lunch in Wauconda, then rode another 18 miles to Tonasket, and then another 16 to Riverside.

There was a pleasant alternative to route 20 for about 5 miles around Tonasket, where it was a nice break to get away from the (admittedly not too heavy) traffic on route 20.

I might have stopped in Riverside, but it was still early, and I had some mail to pick up in Omak, so I continued on to that town. I came in on the south side of the river, which is part of the Indian reservation. I was yelled at a couple of times, and found an unfriendly store clerk. I don't know whether this is because I was on the reservation, or if this town is just unfriendly. After all, I haven't found hostility in the other reservation towns I've been through, though none have been as big as this one (Omak has over 4000 people). But I finally found their town fairgrounds, which has an RV park attached. They even had coin operated showers, which I took advantage of.