Day 118: September 27: Ione to Kettle Falls

There was a 1000 foot climb shortly after leaving Ione. From there, it was mostly downhill to Colville, then uphill slightly to Kettle Falls.

I stopped for a while at an RV park and restaurant along the way for lunch, talking with the locals and with some tourists who had gone through many of the same areas as I had in their pickup truck. I told them about the Rainbow Gathering in Montana, and they gave me some scented soap that they'd made. Just what I need in bear country: scented soap. Well, perhaps I'll give it to someone else.

Going along the back road into town was quiet. I got a shot of my lengthening shadow in a field.

Shadows in the late afternoon
Colville was a shock after the quiet roads. It's a town of over 4000 people, with traffic to match. I got out of it on the back roads, and was soon in Kettle Falls, a town of just over 1000 people.

I was cold, and decided to get a motel room there, rather than camp in the town park. It was nice to get warm again.