Day 117: September 26: Priest River to Ione

Because of the cold, I skipped making breakfast and ate instead at the local cafe.

After about 8 miles of traveling, I crossed the ID/WA border at Oldtown ID/Newport WA. The route was entirely along the Pend Oreille River, which kept it fairly flat. Despite the flatness, I found myself pedaling slowly. Perhaps it was the cold (it didn't get above 65 degrees all day, and was 35 in the morning), or perhaps it was the headwinds. Or maybe I'm getting tired of riding, or am having some malnutrition. Maybe multi-vitamins would be in order.

I stopped in Usk for lunch and to make phone calls. I found a pay phone that I could connect to at the junction box, so spent a while accessing the Internet.

Finally I was in Ione, where I camped in the town park again. I was directed to the park by a group of boys who were riding around town on their bikes, bored. I even raced them downhill to the park (they won).

I did laundry and got a shower at the RV park, which made me feel somewhat warmer.