Day 115: September 24: In Sandpoint ID

I rode back 6 miles into town to get my mail that was waiting at the post office. Unfortunately, Performance had sent my bike tire to General Delivery via UPS. The US Post Office won't let UPS deliver to their facilities, so I had to wait till 3:00 until I could pick up the package at the local UPS office.

I spent some time at the local coffeehouse recharging my batteries and writing trip reports, then I finished a science fiction paperback and went over to the library.

At lunch, the sandwich shop owner had called the local newspaper, and I talked with their reporter and posed for a couple of photos.

Eventually I was able to go to UPS and pick up the tire. While I was there, I met a woman who told me that I could pitch my tent in her yard. This beat spending $13 for a campsite at the lake.

The local pub had been recommended, so I had a couple of good stouts there and listened to a jazz group. I liked their decorations: they had lots of tap handles on the ceiling.

Tap handles
Then I made my way across town (not too far in a town of 5000 people) and pitched my tent. I got some rain overnight, but the tent stayed dry. I hope that the recoating job I did in Missoula will keep me dry as I ride into more rain west of here. The new coating has taken to sticking to itself and peeling when I pull it apart.