Day 114: September 23: Trout Creek to Sandpoint

After a breakfast in town, I was on the road by 8:30. Of course, at 8:30 I'm dressed in several layers of fleece and other clothes, but if I can keep my ears and toes from freezing in the 35 degree weather, I'm OK.

Here's some more mountain pictures.

Mountain scenery
And a nice picture of a creek by the ID border.
Yet more mountain scenery
I hit a bit of rain on the way into Sandpoint, but continued anyway. I'm glad I did, as the ride was easy and pleasant despite the overcast.

Along the road, I met a guy who told me that he'd traveled every paved road in New Zealand in his 14 trips to that country, and recommended bike touring there.

I had dinner at a restaurant (this has been an expensive day), and rode to the Corps of Engineers campground (about 6 miles from town, a distance that I'd have to backtrack in the morning to go to the post office). The sites there were $13, with no special rates for hikers or bikers. I did try for a better rate, but the campground attendant was not helpful. At least they have (coin operated) showers. I'm going to get my money's worth. At 25 cents per 5 minutes, the showers are pretty cheap. After months on the road, I tend to take 3 minute showers, so 5 minutes is a luxury.