Day 113: September 22: W of Paradise to Trout Creek

I realized that I haven't taken any pictures lately. Here's what route 200 looks like, mostly. It runs along the Clark Fork River, through the mountains.
Route 200 scenery
The weather has been interesting: 90 degree highs, with 35 degree lows. As the morning progresses, I gradually shed first my fleece gloves and jacket, then the Gore-Tex oversocks, then last my long-sleeved shirt.

I pushed on to Trout Creek, since I didn't see any other camping opportunities before there. I found an RV park with tent sites for $5, with an additional $1 for a shower. Pretty reasonable compared to $12 for some National Forest campsites I've had. After a well-deserved shower, I went over to the local bar and grill for a big burger.

I had a nice chat with a couple of guys from nearby Libby about routes, traveling, etc. They reinforced the idea of taking Washington 20 across the state, even though 20 crosses the three highest passes in Washington.