Day 111: September 20: Missoula to S of Superior

Despite my best intentions, it took me until about 8:30 to get to breakfast. After breakfast, I stopped by Adventure Cycling to talk to Greg Siple about routes.

Greg is about 10 years older than me, and was one of the founders of Bikecentennial back in '76, before they changed their name to Adventure Cycling. He, his wife, and Dan and Lyssie Burden took a cycle tour from Alaska down to the tip of South America in the late '70's, sponsored by National Geographic. We talked about the tour. Greg feels that one of the hardest parts of the trip was the group dynamics, because of the two couples. It was hard to make decisions, he said.

I had my picture taken by Greg. He's been taking photos of almost every touring cyclist who stops by Adventure Cycling, and now has a large collection. Greg suggested that I take MT 200 northwest to Sandpoint ID, then take WA 20 over to the Anacortes area. They had a map that covered the WA 20 part, so I bought it.

I also talked for a bit with their head of cartography about the possibility of putting together an interactive website where you could make custom bike maps on the Internet. I'll talk again when I settle down or get some more time and a real computer that I could experiment on.

While we were talking, another touring couple rode up on a recumbent tandem. Their bike was made by the company (Rans) who made my seat. They had a front fairing, and a rear tailcone made of cloth to help with the aerodynamics. Since they were also avid backpackers, they managed to fit everything into two rear panniers. I wish I'd taken a picture of them.

The ride out of Missoula was on a combination of Interstate 90 and other roads paralleling it. After five days sitting around Missoula and riding without my knee braces on, I'd managed to lose some muscle and inflame my knees, so I took it easy today.