Day 105: September 15: Hamilton to Missoula

More downhill today. Barry and Peter took off ahead, racing each other. I took it easier.

We got off route 93, taking instead the Eastside Highway through Corvallis and Stevensville. This is a beautiful river valley with many farms and a great view of the Bitterroot Mountains to the left and right.

It was today that my odometer passed the 3000 mile mark.

Finally, I was in Missoula, which is bigger than I'd expect for a town of 43000 people. We met downtown, at an Irish pub where we had a few beers in celebration of Peter's 30th birthday.

After finding the hostel, we went back out to a local bar with some other people from the hostel and celebrated some more. The bar was packed with college students, which made me feel pretty old.