Day 103: September 13: Jackson to Lost Trail Hot Springs

We gorged ourselves on a breakfast buffet, and had a long soak in the hot springs (actually a big swimming pool fed by the springs). It was about noon by the time we left.

As we passed the Big Hole Battlefield National Monument (where in 1877 the Nez Perce Indians won a battle against U.S. troops), Barry's front rack broke. Peter had gone on ahead, and would have to wait for us. I fixed Barry's rack (luckily he'd saved the extra hardware), and we got back on the road. Since Barry didn't have lighting (and since he climbs hills faster than I do), he sprinted on ahead. We had to climb Chief Joseph Pass, which isn't too bad from the south. I finally joined Peter and Barry as it was getting dark. We then sailed down the steep grade for about 7 miles using my headlamp, freezing. Down the hill, there was the Lost Trail Hot Springs, where we got the use of a ski hostel building for $10 each. I ate a meal of lasagna left over from the Elderhostel group that had eaten earlier.