Day 100: September 10: Ennis to Twin Bridges

Today's route took us over a long pass, with about 10 miles of 6 to 8 percent grade to climb. Matt and Liz took off ahead of me (they're faster up hill and are more driven to put in the miles).
Looking back from the pass
Finally I rolled downhill through Virginia City and Nevada City, restored mining towns from the last century. At Nevada City the governor of Montana was speaking at a building dedication. I didn't stop.

The road went generally downhill through Alder and Sheridan. Along the way, I met the only other touring recumbent rider that I've seen so far. David was traveling on a Vision recumbent and heading south on the Trans-Am.

I stopped in the town of Twin Bridges (about 400 people), about an hour after Matt and Liz. We camped at a combination motel and RV park.

We went next door to the pizza parlor, and met Jeff Walker, the owner. He'd also been an electronic technician, and said that he'd built the pizza parlor for the kids of the town. Inside there were lots of kids, a foosball table, air hockey, and a pool table. We sat outside, out of the noise, and talked about small towns, government, and whatever else came to mind.

I had my third shower in three days (another record) and went to sleep.