Squeak Stuff

StarBrowser for Squeak

To get the latest (unreleased) sources for the Squeak version of the Star Browser to use in Squeak 3.6 (with Monticello loaded), you can do this:

Add an HTTP repository to Monticello:

location: 'http://bike-nomad.com/squeak/monticello/StarBrowser'
user: ''
password: ''

Or you can just go here to get individual files.

This represents the latest StarBrowser stuff I have (I think) as of 9/23/03. You should load it in the following order (grab the latest versions of each):


Then you could also load:

SBSqueakMap (requires SqueakMap)
SBXML (requires YAXO)
SBHTML (requires Avi's HTML parser)
SBMC (requires Monticello but no longer works right)
SBDVS (requires DVS)
SBCeleste (requires Celeste)

Connectors 2 for Squeak 3.8 or 3.9alpha

Connectors 2 adds lots of stuff.

Also in the SAR format, for 3.8 or 3.9alpha. Get it here

Squeak Spread Plugin

This is a Plugin and supporting classes to allow Squeak to work with the Spread group communications system.

This communications system lets your processes send messages with varying degrees of delivery guarantees to groups. And you can get group membership change messages.

So you can have one-one, one-many, many-one, or many-many communications easily.

The plugin is designed so that you can have background Processes waiting for incoming messages without blocking all of Squeak.

I have only written the support code for Unix; it would be quite simple to port to other systems, especially if they have async file support like that in the Unix VM. There are Spread libraries available for C, Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP, and now Squeak.

This is largely untested; I wanted to get it out in people's hands and see what further direction to move the interface in.

Received messages should probably be of several different kinds; what is returned now is pretty much the raw fields of the incoming Spread message, which vary in meaning depending on the type of message. I will probably be attacking that next. I hope to get some kind of cross-language serialization (YAML, perhaps) going and then have a simple cross-language distributed object communications system.

The AsyncFile plugin served as an inspiration, guide, and source of code for the async part of this plugin.

Download Spread Plugin

These archives contain the Squeak and C sources for this plugin. Get one. It should be unzipped into your VM top-level directory, and you should run make in the platforms/unix/config directory.

Get the new Unix VM sources from Ian Piumarta's site.

This product uses software developed by Spread Concepts LLC for use in the Spread toolkit. For more information about Spread see http://www.spread.org


This change set lets you install the new .SAR format, which is a compressed archive (actually a .ZIP file)

A More Inclusive Community-Based Model for Squeak Development

(12 August 2004) A discussion of what we can do to improve the communications and responsiveness of the Squeak community and development process.

Squeak implementation of Miro Samek's ideas from Practical Statecharts in C/C++

This zip contains just the FSM code from the Connectors 2 package. It can be used by itself. Squeak/MIT license

download SqueakQHsm.zip