Ruby Stuff


This is a Ruby library for building trees representing HTML structure.

Copyright 2002-2004, Ned Konz


See the file INSTALL for installation instructions.

Download Ruby library ruby-htmltools:

Version 1.05 (2004-06-22):

View README for changes, requirements, etc.

Vim-Remote for Ruby

This is a Ruby library for remote control of the Vim editor under X11.

It uses Matju's RubyX11, but requires some patches to that library.

These patches (for RubyX11-1.05) are enclosed in the tarball, or can be gotten separately here.

Download Vim-remote for Ruby

To run a simple test, just change to the vim-remote directory and go:

    ruby vim_remote.rb

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I'm working on a data collection and communications system for the Microship project. See more at:
The Microship homepage

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