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Recent projects:

Perl Coverage analyzer

This runs one or more Perl programs and produces a listing of called functions, and a marked up file listing with non-called lines marked.

Full-text indexer (coming someday)
This will be capable of indexing text on disk or on the web. It will use the above to index files inside .ZIP archives.

My shareware and freeware:

Lens for Windows

A magnifying lens program for Windows 3.1, Windows/95 and Windows/NT. Version 2.03.

36554 bytes

Lens for OS/2

An OS/2 PM version of the above.

10836 bytes


OS/2: Swap keys in keyboard layouts

33037 bytes


MS-DOS: Intercept and interpret DOS/BIOS calls. From 1985 (?)

36603 bytes

XVI/PM alpha 4

Some old work on the XVI editor, ported to the OS/2 Presentation Manager

109321 bytes

Mike Teixeira's MAG adventure game, with source:

MAG adventure game

for MS-DOS

81781 bytes

MAG adventure game, C source

113705 bytes

Ned Konz
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last edited: 23 February, 2004