Ned's 1985 Transcontinental trip

Daytona Beach, Florida to Portland, Oregon

In 1985 I was fed up with my job and eager to try something different. So I rented out my house, bought a Trek 720 loaded touring bike, and hit the road.

Here are a few pictures and journal entries from that trip. Sorry the text is incomplete (as of May 26, 1999), as I'm packing for a new trip.

June 25: Ormond Beach, FL to Blue Springs State Park via South Daytona, Port Orange, and Deland. 50 miles.

This was my first day on the road. Left at 2:15, arrived at around 7:00 PM. Had to stop and do errands. Seems today was a comedy of errors: I took two wrong turns (one put me on Interstate 4!) and even camped in the wrong campsite. It's pretty hot -- I'm in the tent at 10:30 PM writing this, dripping sweat. Today I met two guys (Chris and Rod) who are nearing the end of their bicycle tour from Rhode Island to Clearwater FL. They said that their expenses have been about $10 a day -- they started out cooking but now eat a big "all you can eat" lunch and snack through the rest of the day.

July 8: Fort Pickens to Pensacola to Fort Morgan; ferry to Dauphin Island. 90 miles. 957 miles so far.

Woke, packed, and was on the road by 7:30 -- the Gulf Islands Seashore camping office was still closed. So, with very little guilt, I rode on. ($8 was probably excessive anyway, I rationalized). Ate breakfast on the island, where a very pleasant lady gave me directions to The Cycle Source on 9th in Pensacola. Decided to take the $8 I saved on the campsite and spend it on freewheel cogs. They changed them for $6 or so and I bought the Western version of Rhode Gear's "Cyclists Guide to Overnight Stops". They were almost next door to Olde Sarge's camping supply store so I went in there -- great selection of stuff! Bought food tubes, straps, 2 stuff sacks, and fuel for my oil lamp. Looked at a nice "Backpacker's Wok" there. Left Pensacola along the coast, into Gulf Shores (which, as Wayne said, is the "quintessential beach town"). In fact, Gulf Shores is even more of a beach town than Daytona Beach! Pedaled for what seemed an eternity (25 miles or so) down to Fort Morgan and the ferry to Dauphin Island. Finally got someone to take a picture of me and my bike on the ferry. Camped on Dauphin Island after eating dinner at the only restaurant open on the island.

July 11. Slidell to New Orleans, 47 miles.

A friend I had made during a Florida tour offered me the use of his apartment in the Garden District. I stayed in New Orleans a week.

July 24. Leesville, LA to Martin Dies St. Park (Jasper, TX) via LA8/TX63/US190. 69 miles (so far 1586)

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