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Ned on bike at Mt. Hamilton
This documents a five month bicycle trip through the Western United States from June through October 1999. I was traveling mostly by myself, riding a recumbent bicycle and hauling a trailer full of gear. These pages were posted from the road.

I started riding on June 3 from Santa Cruz, CA. I rode over the Santa Cruz Mountains to San Jose, then over Mount Hamilton over to Patterson and Turlock.

From there, I rode to Yosemite, where I stayed for about a week. I crossed the Sierras on Tioga Road.

Then I headed south on route 395 and route 190 to Death Valley. I rode about 25 miles in the Valley at night in the light of the full moon. Riding out of the valley, I went over to Las Vegas Nevada.

From Las Vegas, I went up to Zion Canyon, then over to Bryce Canyon, then east along route 12 and the Burr Trail down to Lake Powell.

I was met in Zion by Gretchen, who is a close friend from Santa Cruz. We traveled together from southern Utah to western Colorado. In the week and a half we traveled together, I did about 4 full days of riding, so I skipped some of the southern Utah riding and got to western Colorado about a week earlier than I'd expected.
Gretchen and I went down to Telluride, visited some hot springs, camped for a couple of days, then drove up to Grand Junction.

I then rode down from Grand Junction to Delta and then over to Paonia, intending to visit Crested Butte. From Paonia, I went up to Carbondale for the Carbondale Mountain Fair. Then I went east to Silverthorne to try to meet some folks I knew who were riding the Great Divide Ride and finishing their trip there. Unfortunately, I missed them, but had a good time exploring the area.

From there I went visiting, both to Copper Mountain to visit with my brother who was at a conference, then to Greeley to visit with my friends Bill and Sue.

I've since headed north through the Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming, Yellowstone Park, and rode along the Adventure Cycling route to Missoula MT. From there, I headed up MT 200 to WA 20, and went west to the Seattle/Vancouver area for some exploration of the Pacific Northwest. I spent some time in the San Juan Islands and the southern Gulf Islands, then went down to Camano Island to visit Steve Roberts, who has gotten a lot of media exposure through the years with his high-tech recumbent bicycle called BEHEMOTH.

I'm helping Steve with his Microship project. See the Microship website at for more information about this technomadic alternative.

Note that the images linked to by my trip reports tend to be large, and may take a while to download. Some of the early ones are 1344x1008 pixels and about 300K in size, while the newer ones are 640x480 pixels, and mostly under 100K in size.

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Map of my trip so far

Photo album (trip reports also have these pictures)

Trip Reports

Week 1 trip reports, Days 1-7 June 3-9: Santa Cruz, CA to Turlock, CA
Week 2 trip reports, Days 8-15 June 10-17: Turlock, CA to Yosemite National Park, CA
Week 3 trip reports, Days 16-21 June 18-23: Yosemite National Park, CA to Tinemaha Campground, S of Bishop, CA
Week 4 trip reports, Days 22-29 June 24-July 1: Tinemaha Campground, S of Bishop, CA to Las Vegas, NV
Week 5 trip reports, Days 30-36 July 2-8: Las Vegas, NV to Zion Canyon NP, UT
Weeks 6-7 trip reports: Days 37-49 July 9-21: Zion Canyon NP, UT to Paonia, CO
Week 8 trip reports: Days 50-56 July 22-28: Paonia, CO to Vail, CO
Week 9 trip reports: Days 57-63 July 29 - August 4: Vail, CO to Copper Mountain, CO
Weeks 10-11 trip reports: Days 64-77 August 5-18: Copper Mountain, CO to Greeley, CO
Week 12 trip reports: Days 78-85 August 19-26: Greeley, CO to Lander, WY
Week 13 trip reports: Days 86-93 August 27 - September 3: Lander, WY to Jenny Lake, WY (Grand Teton NP)
Week 14 trip reports: Days 94-98 September 4-8: Jenny Lake, WY (Grand Teton NP) to West Yellowstone, MT
Week 15 trip reports: Days 99-105 September 9-15: West Yellowstone, MT to Missoula, MT
Weeks 16-17 trip reports: Days 106-119 September 16-28: Missoula, MT to Republic, WA
Week 18 trip reports: Days 120-126 September 29 - October 5: Republic, WA to Mount Vernon, WA
Week 19 trip reports: Days 127-133 October 6-12: Mount Vernon, WA to Victoria, BC
Week 20 trip reports: Days 134-140 October 13-19: Victoria, BC to San Juan Island, WA
Week 21 trip reports: Days 141-147 October 20-26: San Juan Island, WA to Camano Island, WA

Other Stuff

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