Hardly nomadic, but still interested...

I set up this website in 1999 to document a long bicycle trip through the western US.

In November 1999, I rooted myself here in the Pacific Northwest. I lived with Steve Roberts for a few months, then moved nearby to Stanwood, WA, which is a little town of 3000 people between Everett and Bellingham.

Since that time I've lived on Camano Island as well as in Arlington and am now in Everett.

I've also gotten a job with Product Creation Studio in Seattle that occupies 40 hours a week (plus 2 hours per day in commuting on the bus).
But I still try to get some hacking time in.

I welcome email. Write me at ned -at- bike-nomad.com


Squeak! Some of my Smalltalk work, including some Squeak goodies, and some of my favorite links.
Amoxicillin Comprehensive information about Amoxicillin antibiotics.
Netflix Rental Activity SummarizerA Ruby script that takes your full Netflix rental history and adds synopsis information, then presents it as viewable or printable HTML.
Embedded Stuff Miscellaneous embedded system stuff
Electronics Stuff Various electronic projects
Ruby Stuff My previous work on the Ruby language, including HTML manipulation tools.
Miscellaneous plugins, etc. for the Vim editor.
Perl Stuff
Some of my open source Perl work, also found on CPAN, including Archive::Zip, Algorithm::Diff , and a few other utilities.
Vim Outliner
A nice outliner macro package for the Vim editor.
Old (Scruznet) Homepage The stuff I used to have on my homepage, including older shareware and freeware.
PGP Key In case you need my public key


1999 Summer tour of the West Trip journals and photographs from my 4500 mile, June-October 1999 bicycle tour through the western US.
Ned's 1985 Transcontinental Bicycle Trip I've posted some pictures and trip log entries here from a 5000 mile, Florida to Oregon trip I took in the summer of 1985.

ned -at- bike-nomad.com  (change the -at- into an @)

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